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Perhaps you’re wondering what the difference is between a newer company and one that has history behind it. Well, we can tell you that we’re one of the best construction companies, a fact that is backed with years in the business, providing consistently excellent services with high customer satisfaction ratings. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and we pay attention to even the smallest details, working with our customers to make sure they’re happy.

our services


Expert in all aspects of constructing, fabricating, installing, erecting,maintaining, performing integrity digs on,and performing turnaround services on, pipelines,buildings, plants, and facilities of all types.


We specialize in immediate reesponse & sameday services to any size residential, commercial or industrial flood in all countries we are based





we design our building with the best hands in the field , bringing out the best for the our client.

office build out

Renovation and Expansion : We bring out the best in office when we reconstruct , leaving our mark and satisfying our clients.


Reconstruction of roads,houses, hospitals, offices and schools.

building sustainability

Building sustainability and maintenance is our watch word as we use quality product and instrument in construction. 

Supervising Team

Time is money

Address: 35 Guild Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6NB.
Scotland, United Kingdom.
Tellphone: +44 7418 327277 | 360 – 631 – 2597 | 253-336-9816
Email: customercare@sheeconstruction.org | management@sheeconstruction.org | info@sheeconstruction.org

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